5etools, LLC. gratefully accepts donations.

Any monies raised are used to help cover the costs associated with running the site. These costs come from renting servers, and the bandwidth they consume every month. Any donation, no matter the size, is greatly appreciated.

Server upkeep donation addresses (note that the development team does not receive any payments made to these addresses; donations go directly to the host responsible for keeping the site online):

BTC: 1Dxu1fCs37dJQH3mGudQdCkWhhUXyhrpPC
BCH: 1MwxNNTcGsGe3jtttZs5y17xG5xg8x2WDk
ETH: 0x26873a33EACA07dc2C3173576353b7F9800a3B5e

Below is the current amount donated versus the total cost for this quarter:

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Please note that all values here are estimations, and, due to the nature of our donation "system," are not updated automatically.