An overview of the features available in Plutonium can be found below. To those familiar with our now-deprecated Roll20 script "betteR20," we aim to expand on the feature set it provided, while improving user experience.

Please note that the videos on this page are updated much less frequently than the module itself. For a (more) complete list of Plutonium's features, see the wiki.


The module can import content to the sidebar, to a compendium, or to a character sheet. It can import most content found in 5etools, including:

  • Classes and Subclasses, Backgrounds, Races, Feats, and other character options
  • Creatures, Spells and Items
  • Adventures, Books, and Tables

By default, the module imports data provided by 5etools, but also includes the option to import from the homebrew repository, the prerelease repository, URLs, and file uploads.

Importing Creatures

Importing Spells to a Character Sheet

Importing Tables

Rivet Browser Extension

With Rivet installed, and provided you have 5etools and Foundry open in the same browser, you can send content and rolls from 5etools straight to your Foundry game with the click of a button.

Send to Foundry

Quality of Life Tools

The module includes a selection of tools to streamline the VTT experience.

Journal Cleaner

Journal Bulk Item Mover

Mass "Spell Prepared" Toggler

Customization Options

Plutonium is designed to be easily configurable, and contains a wide selection of options enable user customization.

Import Folder Specification

Configuration Options

Foundry UI Enhancements

While overhauling the Foundry user experience is not one of Plutonium's goals, a handful of optional tweaks have been included. These include:

  • Red colorization of "Delete" icons, improving glance value
  • Faster animations, removing a layer of artificial delay between input and action
  • Reworked ESC key, to provide an "escape last" function rather than an "escape all" function

Compact Directory Styling

Compact Chat Styling